Monday, November 20, 2006

Alas and alack! How quickly this past month has gone by... Needless to say, I have been spending that time enriching my mind with lots of great books and a film or two.. Here are the ones I would consider to be worth your time...

The Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones. (for readers of fantasy and good writing). I've been a longtime fan of almost everything she has written (although some of her earlier stuff is hard to dig into..). The Pinhoe Egg is a Chrestomanci book and will make you want to re-read all of the others right away!

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1999) I don't know why it took me so long to watch this film. My husband bought it years ago, and I suppose I thought it was another shot-um-up film.. (Matthew is a big fan of films like Goodfellas and The Godfather. One viewing of those films is usually just enough for me.) It was with great surprise and delight that I really enjoyed Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. The soundtrack was tremendous; Ritchie has a talent for matching music to scene (I also really dig Wes Anderson's soundtracks... They always seem great to me.)

George and Martha books by James Marshall. We have been on a major George and Martha kick at our house for the past month. My son and husband adore the silliness and wit of Marshall's hippopotami. (I do, too!) We don't have a favorite; we love them all. These books are short enough for new readers to try them independently. They are also supergreat real-alouds!

There are a few children's films that I really enjoy! One of those is My Neighbor Totoro, by the wonderful, wonderful Hayao Miyazaki. This is a delightful tale of two sisters and their strange encounters with new neighbors (the Totoros!). The pace of the tale is a welcome relief after many of the modern rapid-fire films for children. The theme song is easy to sing along with (which is a big plus in my house), and the animation is charming. This is a film not to be missed.


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