Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Twilight's sequel, New Moon is GREAT! I also highly recommend a new title called Greywalker by Kat Richardson. It was a little Buffy mixed with tons o' other supernatural fiction fun. I'm waiting to read the next one! Last week, I checked out part of season 1 of "Supernatural," which is a very satisfying series that I don't get to see (as I get only two channels on my television). I muted lots of scenes and covered my eyes in the episodes I saw, which makes it somewhat thrilling and scary IMO. Available at your local library, as always!

(We also just got in Ruler of the Realm, the third book of the Faerie War Chronicles by Herbie Brennan. Those who have been waiting since the end of The Purple Emperor will want to reserve a copy today!)

By the side of my bed, I've got two books that are the beginning volumes of two new series/trilogies. Monster Blood Tattoo, Book One: Foundling is written by D.M. Cornish and looks like just the right read for a cold winter night (complete with a cup of peppermint tea!).

David Klass's new The Caretaker Trilogy begins with Firestorm. This one is a book to start on a Sunday afternoon when the weather is wretched and all of your laundry is clean and folded and put away!


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