Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A girl came into the library a few weeks ago and wanted only books that would make her cry...
That was actually a tough one.. (she only wanted sad books that were skinny...)

Here are books that should make you drag out your box of facial tissues... (what a freaky phrase that is..)

any book by Lurlene McDaniel... (she really does have the monopoly on super-extra-sad books... all featuring preteens and teens and tragic terminal illnesses.. AND all of her books are as slender as saplings.. buy a jumbo size box of f.t.)

Ha! That's it... It's a funny thing to realize that I know of no other sad books.. I know books with sad endings or sad parts.. I can think of loads of books that make me want to be still or silent... but I don't think that I really know of any other SAD books..

I'll put the quest for sad-skinny books out there to you all.. I've got my f.t. handy and I'm ready to weep..


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