Friday, July 21, 2006

I was reading through the blogs, and I couldn't help but think if there's something else someone could talk about to spice things up a little... so what can there be to talk about besides the library workings and whatnot.....

I did think of something. Has anyone realized that when we're in this library working and it's hot, humid, and sticky that everyone seems to think we're all blessed to be working so hard in this heat? I've gotten such remarks in the past week or so, since it started getting humid out like this...and it really is amazing to see how much one person can do even when they're tired, stressed out, or otherwise held back from thinking straight.

Anyway, there's a storm I'll leave it at that and let the people ponder...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Adventures of Peter Rabbit...

Peter helps out a patron.
Peter reads about his friends.

Peter crosses the street. Remember children, look both ways.

Peter leaves. *tear* Goodbye Peter.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Peter Rabbit.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A girl came into the library a few weeks ago and wanted only books that would make her cry...
That was actually a tough one.. (she only wanted sad books that were skinny...)

Here are books that should make you drag out your box of facial tissues... (what a freaky phrase that is..)

any book by Lurlene McDaniel... (she really does have the monopoly on super-extra-sad books... all featuring preteens and teens and tragic terminal illnesses.. AND all of her books are as slender as saplings.. buy a jumbo size box of f.t.)

Ha! That's it... It's a funny thing to realize that I know of no other sad books.. I know books with sad endings or sad parts.. I can think of loads of books that make me want to be still or silent... but I don't think that I really know of any other SAD books..

I'll put the quest for sad-skinny books out there to you all.. I've got my f.t. handy and I'm ready to weep..