Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I thought to create some clever and wonderful introduction to this blog.. this record of the culture of the Waterville Public Library.. but what sounds great in my head while I'm driving to work or to pick up my son at daycare always ends up looking really rather insipid in print..
and I don't believe that there's anything insipid about libraries.. they're crazy places, filled with ideas and people, and that's so cool..

So as librarians excel at the generation of lists (booklists are like band-aids in the hands of librarians...), here's what's currently stacked up on my side of the bed.. (it will be like a SarahBookList)

I'm indulging my inner sci-fi geek and watching my way through the first season of "Battlestar Galatica" (the Sci-Fi channel offering). I watch shows like this (along with all of my beloved film adaptations of Jane Austen novels and Inspector Morse episodes) only when my husband is away and not there to groan when the opening credits appear.

"False Impression" by Jeffrey Archer (recommended by one of my favorite patrons! (although all patrons are my favorites.)

"Kill Me" by Stephen White (another recommendation by aforementioned favorite patron)

"A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl" by Tanya Lee Stone (new offering for teen readers and the librarians who serve them..)

"Boy Girl Boy" by Ron Koertge (recommendation from a regular teen patron..)

"Born to Kvetch" by Michael Wex (a Tom Clohessy recommendation


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